Ag BMP Loans


Redwood Soil and Water Conservation District administers the Ag Best Management Loan Program offered by Minnesota Department     of Agriculture.

The loan program provides low interest financing to farmers, rural landowners, and agriculture supply businesses for the implementation of best management practices that improve water quality problems in Redwood County.  Loans are provided for projects that meet the goals in Redwood County’s Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan.

Some of the activities that have been provided low interest loans in Redwood County include:

  •          Feedlot improvements to treat a pollution problem

  •          Manure handling equipment

  •          Conservation Tillage equipment to leave minimum of 30% residue

  •          Upgrade out of compliance individual septic systems



Through 2013, this program has provided low interest loans in the amount of $1,912.508 in the following categories:

Ag Waste Management            12          $497,264

Conservation Tillage                 55          $847,475

Septic System Upgrades          66          $456,869

Drill New Well/Sealing              1           $  10,900

Manure Separator                       1           $100,000

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